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Billy Hayes Pre-roll Collectible

5.0 Star rating

Billy Hayes found his freedom by making a daring escape from a Turkish prison.

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Unlock a piece of history with Billy Haze Collectible Prerolls. Inspired by the legendary tale of Billy Hayes, whose daring escape from a Turkish prison changed the course of cannabis history, these premium CBG hemp prerolls are more than just a product—they’re a symbol of freedom and resilience.

Each package contains one meticulously crafted preroll, designed to capture the spirit of rebellion and defiance embodied by Billy Hayes. These collectible items serve as tributes to a pivotal moment in history, offering enthusiasts a tangible connection to the journey of liberation.

Please note that Billy Haze Collectible Prerolls are not for consumption but rather for display and admiration. Enhance your collection with this iconic piece of history and embrace the spirit of freedom.

*Does not exceed 0.3% THC

For optimal preservation, store your collectible prerolls in temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees, using the provided containers for safekeeping.


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Jun 1, 2022

Incredible Team & Work

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