Spill-Be-Gone™ – Oil Spill Cleanup Product

SPILL-BE-GONE ™ is made from the core particles and powder of the kenaf plant. Kenaf core is the world’s most absorbent natural material. A number of research studies confirm this, including one by the U.S. Navy, that states kenaf core particles and powder are the “most absorbent natural materials on earth”.

  • Use for Oil, Diesel Fuel, Hydraulic Fluid, Solvents, Water and Most Other Liquid Spills.
  • 30 Times More Absorbent Than Clay.
  • Just pour on most spills.
  • Easy to sweep up for disposal.
  • Starts drawing up liquid very quickly.
  • Soaks up the most volume by weight.
  • Made from a plant, not a chemical or a polymer
    and is not toxic, a truly green product.
  • Easy to handle saves time in a spill emergency

SPILL-BE-GONE ™ is fast and cost effective in cleaning up oil spills on land or water and the most absorbent natural material on earth (many times more absorbent than clay.

Use SPILL-BE-GONE ™ for daily maintenance and for emergency response. For daily maintenance, pour a small amount of SPILL-BE-GONE ™ under dripping engine bases or other known spills, keeping the work area safe. SPILL-BE-GONE ™ controls spills in an emergency and is used to absorb the liquid quickly for proper disposal.


DISPOSAL: Dispose of according to applicable Federal, State and Local Regulations for the type of liquid that is absorbed by the SPILL-BE-GONE ™ product.
SPILL-BE-GONE ™ is made from the inner core material of a plant called kenaf. The kenaf plant is related to cotton, hibiscus and okra. Its origin is Africa and it was grown for fiber and fuel in ancient Egypt. We are just unlocking the secrets of this amazing plant. The natural fibers of the kenaf plant are used in many products such as: light weight plastic composites, erosion control blankets, high quality paper, cloth and many other products. The kenaf plant is grown in the USA and can reach 12 to 16 feet tall in a single year.
kenaf stalks, kenaf fiberSPILL-BE-GONE ™ is made from the kenaf plant. SPILL-BE-GONE ™ contains only kenaf plant material