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Oil Drilling Industry Turns to Hemp and Kenaf for Sustainable LCM Solutions

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The oil industry requires a certain amount of LCM or lost circulation material when drilling. Why? Well, the lost circulation material helps prevent loss of lubricant into the ground. Some have compared LCM to the tire sealing material used to fix a flat.

Three Types of LCM

There are three types of LCM materials: fiber, flake and granular:

  • The fiber types of LCM are usually made from shredded paper, cane fiber, wood fiber or spun mineral fiber.
  • The flake types of LCM are usually made from mica, ground Formica or cellophane.
  • The granular materials are made from ground nut hulls, granular bentonite or water swellable, non-soluble, crystalline polymers

While these materials work you can see that they are less than sustainable; putting ground Formica into the ground is definitely not environmentally friendly. Additionally, the use of tree materials adds to the deforestation problem; another environmental no-no.

Hemp as a Solution

Recently oil companies have come to recognize the value of using hemp materials as a LCM solution. Hemp is a sustainable plant, its growth cycle is less than 150 days, and is far more absorbent than other lost circulation materials. The United States has had to import hemp fiber from other countries but with the increasing number of states allowing for hemp farming, we may soon be able to manufacture hemp fiber locally.

Hemp, Inc. is the North America leader in producing Loss Circulation Material and spill absorbents for the oil and gas industries. These products are made from a plant, not a chemicals or a polymer. It is environmentally safe and is not toxic, making it a truly green product.

DrillWall™ Loss Circulation Material

DrillWall™ is insoluble in water, non-toxic, biodegradable drilling fluid additive used in oilfield drilling applications. It acts as a borehole stabilizer, a lubricating agent, as well as preventing differential sticking. The product is a mixture of micronized organic cellulose fibers and provides excellent seepage and loss circulation control.

Using hemp-based lost circulation materials is how Hemp, Inc. will “green up” the oil industry.

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