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Nothing Goes to Waste with the Hemp Plant

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The hemp plant is unique for many reasons. Did you now that every part of the hemp plant can be used in one way or another? When it comes to this highly beneficial plant, nothing goes to waste. All of its parts are beneficial to the environment, economy and more so to us. Here is a good description of the various parts of the plant and what they are used for.

Flowers and LeavesHemp Plant, Hemp parts

The flowers and leaves of the hemp plant have been used to extract CBDs (long name is cannabinoids), which have huge health benefits. The CBD extract is used to treat illness including cancer, diabetes, and epilepsy among others. Although it is still illegal in many parts of the world to use the flowers and leaves, CBDs can also be processed from the stems and stalks.


Hemp seeds have many benefits including dietary and industrial. Here are just a few:

  • Hemp seeds are a plentiful source fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and important essential amino acids.
  • The seeds can also be used to make poultry and livestock feed. They provide the same hemp seed nutrition benefits for animals as they do for human beings.
  • Extracts from hemp seeds can be mixed with other components to make paints, varnishes and lamp oil. Converted hemp oil, makes long lasting paints and varnishes that are best absorbed by wood.
  • Hemp seed oil was used to make biofuel traditionally. Presently, the hemp plant can be used as an energy crop because it produces 4 times more ethanol per acre as corn. The pollution free fuel produced can be used to power generators, domestic heating, fuel for jet planes and cars.
  • Hemp seed oil contains the perfect ratio of essential fatty acids, and makes an outstanding skin moisturizer.


Hurds are the core of the hemp plant. It can used to make plastics, because the biomass of hemp is 4-10 times, making it high in cellulose. Hemp plastics are economical compared to petrochemical plastics.

Hurds are also used to make durable paper that requires no bleaches and chlorides. Unlike the tree-based paper, hemp paper does not creak or turn yellow.

Additionally, the hurds and bast, are used in building and construction. The buildings that are made with hemp materials are fire and waterproof.

Roots and the Entire Plant

Hemp has a great impact on unproductive land because it stabilizes and enriches the soil. It also reduces weeds without chemical application. The roots prevent soil erosion as well.

This goes to show that nothing goes to waste with the hemp plant. From the flowers and leaves, to seeds, hurds and roots, you can expect something good from them.

Author Devi Barnard