14. New LED Lights Installed at Industrial Hemp Manufacturing Plant

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Hemp Inc. has installed new LED lights at Industrial Hemp Manufacturing Plant. This is another step closer to getting the industrial hemp decortication plant reassembled.

The hand-picked team has been instrumental in keeping Hemp Inc. on track with the reassembly of the industrial hemp decortication plant. “The executives of Hemp, Inc. have been adamant on ensuring the shareholders fully understand where the company is headed in this fast-growing industrial hemp industry and how much of an impact Hemp, Inc.’s decortication facility will have on the American farmers and the American economy,” said David Schmitt, COO of Hemp, Inc.’s subsidiary, Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, LLC.

To date, there are only five decorticators of this magnitude in the world. Hemp, Inc. owns the only one, of this scale, in the United States.  “Once in operation, the American hemp farmers will have access to the largest industrial hemp manufacturing and processing facility in North America for their crops,” said Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc.

Frequent assessments are conducted to ensure every aspect of the industrial hemp decortication plant is prepped for maximum, operational efficiency.