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Let’s Stop Importing Industrial Hemp Products

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Did you know that because it is still illegal to grow industrial hemp in many states, the United States is currently importing industrial hemp products to the tune of TWO BILLION DOLLARS a year. Yes, that is BILLION with a “B.”

The crazy thing is that it’s legal to sell and buy industrial hemp products IF they are imported from another country that allows legal farming of hemp.

In fact, the US Customs and Border Production agency answers the question about importing industrial hemp products like this:

Can I import hemp products into the United States?

Hemp products such as paper, rope, and clothing (which contain fiber made from the cannabis plant) and animal feed mixtures, soaps, and shampoos (which contain sterilized cannabis seeds or oils extracted from the seeds), etc. may be imported into the United States.

We can import industrial hemp products, we can resell them and we can use them but we can’t grow it.

Think about it… all these other countries benefit from:

  • The ecological benefits of growing industrial hemp, while we are still stuck growing wheat, cotton and other fibers that are water hogs and require pesticides to keep weeds to a minimum.
  • The jobs created from farming, warehousing, manufacturing and distribution centers.
  • The positive economic revenue created by making industrial hemp products.
  • Selling and profiting from exporting industrial hemp products to our country.

In a Congressional Research Report entitled Hemp as an Agriculture Commodity we learn right from the beginning of the report the enormous impact of industrial hemp:

Industrial hemp is an agricultural commodity that is cultivated for use in the production of a wide range of products, including foods and beverages, cosmetics and personal care products, and nutritional supplements, as well as fabrics and textiles, yarns and spun fibers, paper, construction and insulation materials, and other manufactured goods. Hemp can be grown as a fiber, seed, or other dual-purpose crop. Some estimate that the global market for hemp consists of more than 25,000 products. Precise data are not available on the size of the U.S. market for hemp-based products, but current industry estimates report annual sales at more than $580 million annually.

Since that report was published last year, there are more than 5,000 additional products that are attributable to industrial hemp. The U.S. is selling over half a billion in sales of imported industrial hemp products – imagine what that number would be if we could legally grow and harvest the crop in this country. Not to mention the jobs!

Legalization Will Save Us from Importing Industrial Hemp

If we work together and demand legalizing industrial hemp farming across this nation, we can finally put a stop to importing industrial hemp products!

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of being part of the movement to lift the ban on industrial hemp farming. The National Hemp Association leaders intend to take a petition to Congress on July 4, 2016 – that is just a few short weeks away.

We need ONE MILLION signatures on that petition so the lawmakers will understand the importance and urgency of approving the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015.

Click here to sign your name – together we can make this happen and all of the billions of dollars we currently are sending overseas for importing industrial hemp products can be grown, made and earned right here in the good ol’ U. S. of A!

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