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Legalizing Industrial Hemp – The Good News Continues

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In this month’s investor update from Hemp, Inc. our president, Bruce Perlowin, shared a status report on the growing number of states legalizing industrial hemp and medical marijuana:

“While Hemp, Inc. is not involved with medical marijuana, we support the industry and legalization of medical marijuana. As more doors open for medical marijuana and recreational marijuana, even more doors open within the industrial hemp industry. Just last week, Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed legislation to legalize medical marijuana and the Pennsylvania Senate unanimously passed the industrial hemp bill. As you recall, Texas was one step closer to joining Alaska, Oregon, Colorado, and Washington as the 5th state to legalize marijuana.”

As of March 2016, the following 27 states that have adopted pro hemp laws are as follows:


















New York

North Carolina

North Dakota


South Carolina





West Virginia



Pennsylvania is the next state poised to approve legalizing industrial hemp. In this ABC news report, we learn:

“We can’t grow it here because it got lumped in with its psychoactive cousin, marijuana,” Michael Kovach of the Pennsylvania Farmers Union said. “Even though it is not psychoactive and doesn’t have any of those properties that its villainized cousin has, it got swept right up with it and outlawed back in the days when they outlawed marijuana.”

Senate Bill 50 could change that. The measure unanimously passed the Senate last week, a big first step to bring hemp back to Pennsylvania farmers

News Flash – Senate Bill 50 Passes! Check out the details: Pennsylvania Senate Passes Hemp Bill

Legalizing Industrial Hemp In Your State

If you are interested in helping to lead a citizen lobbying movement in your state for legalizing industrial hemp, the website Vote Hemp offers a complete guide: Vote Hemp Guide to Hemp Lobby Action.

The timing is perfect, being an election year, for you to make sure your voice is heard by those in your state empowered to make legalizing industrial hemp a reality.

The Hemp Lobby Guide offers some great tips, which in part include:

Pre-written Emails – Online tools make it easy to write to your representatives in government. Your electronic message is individually received and noted, and it will likely prompt a written response from the Congressional office.

Handwritten Letters – This technique is time-tested and has been effective long before emails or fax machines even existed. A handwritten letter has a personal feel, and you can copy text from our Action Alerts, as well as add your own local or personal angle.

Sample Letters

For sample emails and handwritten letters, click here and scroll down. Use some of the text and then take the time to add your own comments.

Online Petitions – These petitions are very easy to create and distribute, and they can be an effective tool (for example, see the petition to Congress and the Obama Administration), but you need a substantial amount of signatures to make a real impact.

 Signed Paper Petitions – Same as with online petitions, many signatures are needed. But again, this is a great way to get the word out and introduce new people to the issue, particularly at a community gathering or an open public event. Some people may genuinely take interest and be willing to do more.

Move has a national petition that you can sign to help with legalizing industrial hemp farming. Click here for the industrial hemp petition.

 Finally, make a phone call.

 Phone Calls – Calls to your Congressional representatives’ offices are a very effective way to literally make your voice heard. If you’re really lucky, or persistent, you’ll even get a chance to talk with a legislative staffer. And if you know your hemp facts, and can be polite, this can be fun and satisfying. Even just leaving a message has an impact. It helps to know the name of the specific staffer you wish to contact.

For the latest information by state – click on your state on the country map available from Vote Hemp.

If we work together, we can help improve the economy and the environment by legalizing industrial hemp in every state.

Make sure you sign up for our newsletter and visit our website for the latest information. And you’ll want to visit our Hemp Presents video series for the most recent information on our decortication plant in North Carolina.