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Kenaf – The Legal Cousin of Hemp

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Did you know that there is a non-wood plant that produces up to 11 tones of usable fibre annually? The plant is known as kenaf. While an acre of natural forest requires 30 to 40 years to produce 5 to 6 usable fibers, kenaf’s growing season is less than a year. It is a strong natural fiber that is actually better than wood fiber.

What is Kenaf?

Unofficially referred to as the “hemp cousin”, (due to the similarities) kenaf is a fiber plant from the Hibiscus cannabinus L. family. This plant has very beautiful flowers, however the leaves look very similar to hemp and it grows like it too. It has been a source of fiber for many cultures throughout decades of time. It requires less energy and chemicals to grow and process. The best part of this plant is that it is entirely legal.kenaf plant, kenaf, kenaf fiber

The precious plant is considered a hardy plant requiring a minimum of pesticides, fertilizers and water in contrast to conventional row crops. This helps curb the growing environmental pollution caused by chemical fertilizers and even the pesticides used in the large-scale farming. This is because eventually the chemicals find their way to the rivers, oceans and underground waters.

Kenaf together with hemp have been a source of textile fiber for products like ropes, rugs, bagging and twine. It has also been a promising raw material for paper, pulp and a lot more fiber products. The plants core (the hurd) is one of the most absorbent materials on the planet, just like hemp. There are many natural industrial products that can be made from the kenaf plant.

Hemp, Inc. will begin processing kenaf in its Tamafa Decortication Plant. Hemp Inc. has three 50 acre crops near the plant in N. Carolina. The first harvest is underway and is set to be processed in the new sophisticated plant. Later, as the first hemp crops are harvested in N. Carolina in 2016, Hemp, Inc. will begin processing industrial hemp. This hemp and kenaf processing plant is the only one of this size and sets Hemp Inc. as the leader in the industry in America.

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