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Investing in Green Industries? Consider Industrial Hemp

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If you are interested in supporting businesses that help reduce carbon footprints, are environmentally friendly and provide alternatives to current wasteful resources; you might want to consider hemp companies.

Decreasing environmental impact is a main focus for Green technology (or clean technology) investments. Here are a few strong industry sectors have emerged: water & waste water, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, advanced materials, and energy efficiency.

In spite of challenges, investors are finding that green technology is a good market to invest in. One thing that makes it an even more attractive investment opportunity is because related costs in the market continue to decrease.

Investopia recently published an article offering the top green industries.

Wind – Water – Solar Energy – Fuel Cells – Efficiency – Pollution Controls – Waste Reduction – Organics

Hemp Is Used in Many Green Industries

Hemp is used in a variety of ways to support some of these green industries. For example, pollution controls.

The core of the hemp plant can be made into a fast-acting green alternative in the case of oil spills.

Oil spills are usually cleaned up with clay and polypropylene based products. The disposal of the spent oil produces its own environmental problems along with perpetuating the use of petroleum products and the hazards associated with this commodity.

However, now oil companies have a more environmentally safe option when having to clean up oil spills. When industrial hemp plants are harvested, the inner core is separated to produce a hemp capable of absorbing enormous amounts of oil and perfect for “first responders” to the spills.

Hemp, Inc. is a green company that will start producing a product called SpillSuck™ for cleaning up oil spills this year. SpillSuck™ is made from the inner core particles of kenaf and hemp plants and is one of the world’s most absorbent natural materials.

Government studies confirm this, including one by the U.S. Navy which states: “kenaf core particles and powder are one of the most absorbent natural materials on earth.” Many oil and gas drilling companies use this product on their sites for emergency oil spill cleanup.

Organics is another green industry in which hemp is a viable option. Industrial hemp is a sustainable crop that offers over 20,000 uses in a variety of areas of our life including food.   hemp building material, hemp carbon footprint, investing in industrial hemp, hempcrete

Based on the report; Carbon Footprint and Sustainability of Different Natural Fibers for Biocomposites and Insulation Material, organically grown hemp has the lowest carbon footprint of the natural fibers grown in the world. That means that hemp is better for our environment, in addition to being able to create sustainable products and jobs.

If you are look for efficient green industries, look no further than hemp fibers for paper production.

Trees are actually one of the worst materials for the manufacturing of paper. How ironic is that? An article in Tree Hugger magazine sets the record straight:

Tree pulp is not an optimal material for paper making. An elaborate series of steps is necessary to mechanically and chemically break down the rigid source material into usable pulp, and further processes are needed to render it white and smooth enough for printing. Non-tree sources such as kenaf, hemp and recycled rags are optimal materials for making paper. 

Hemp and kenaf, two very similar plants, produce a fiber that is much more conducive to the production of paper products.

While we still have some work to do so that industrial hemp can be legally grown in all fifty states, Hemp, Inc. is working hard to create awareness so that our legislative leaders have the facts they need to sign the bills into law.

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