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The Industrial Hemp Movement

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The hemp plant is from the cannabis sativa species, which has been used widely to produce numerous industrial as well as consumer products. The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration does not exceed 0.3% for industrial hemp. This is the main distinction between the hemp and marijuana.

Hemp is mainly grown for its fiber, seed and oil. The interior part of the stalk has woody fibers known as hurds; the outer part comprising of long bast fibers. These fibers are used in a vast range of products, including textiles and fabrics, papers processing, carpets, home furniture, construction insulation materials and paper making. Hemp seeds are also used as nutritional supplements and in body -care products. The precious seeds are also used in the production of industrial oils, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products among other composites.  hempstalk_diagram

The state requirement according to the Controlled Substance Act demands a maximum of 0.3 percent of THC concentration, which is also one of the major criteria used to distinguish industrial hemp from marijuana. Confusion between the industrial hemp and marijuana has been the visual similarities of broad varieties of cannabis plants. By definition, hemp is high in fiber and low in THC.

The Industrial Hemp Movement in the United States

Hemp Inc. is a publicly traded company, working diligently on diverse ventures concerning profitable industrial hemp applications. The organization is a leader in the industry with its huge fiber processing plant in North Carolina.

Hemp Inc. is focused on distinguishing hemp from marijuana. Farmers who understand that hemp farming is a worthy investment, are ready to be part of the hemp farming boom, just like the good old days.

Industrial Hemp Movement is working to move the U.S hemp production, out under the DEA over to USDA. This will allow hemp farmers to grow their crops with minimum government interference, and hopefully encourage even more farmers to join in the hemp farming revolution.

Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015

The Act amends the Controlled Substance Act to rule out industrial hemp from the definition of “marijuana”. According to the definition, industrial hemp is termed as any part of the cannabis plant in whatever form, with a THC concentration of less than 0.3 percent.   hemp-vs-marijuana

This means that industrial hemp, grown within those parameters, is allowed by states that have enacted the law. There is still a lot of ground to cover to overcome the many obstacles facing the hemp industry, but with the cooperation of people, who understand its value, and the governments recognizing this crop as a means of helping the economy, we could see a flourishing hemp industry emerge very soon.