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Industrial Hemp Uses in Oil Spills

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How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll? We may never know, but we can tell how many industrial hemp uses you’ll find in the center of a hemp stalk.

The woody inner core of the hemp stalk is known for its low density and high absorbency which makes it extremely valuable for the oil industry. The hemp core fibers (or hurd) can be made into absorbent products that for oil spills. It is both efficient and environmentally safe.

Benefits of Industrial Hemp Uses for Oil Spills

Oil spills are usually cleaned up with clay and polypropylene based products. The disposal of the spent oil produces its own environmental problems along with perpetuating the use of petroleum products and the hazards associated with this commodity.   SpillSuck, oil spill cleanup, absorbent, industrial hemp uses

However, now the oil companies have a more environmentally safe option when having to clean up an oil spill. Industrial hemp plants can be harvested and the inner core separated to produce a hemp fiber perfect for absorbing enormous amounts of oil.

The explosion of BP’s Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig

In 2010 the oil spill caused by the BP Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig explosion poured more than 60,000 barrels of oil a day into the ocean; causing danger for humans and taking the life of thousands of species of plants and animals.

At the time, industrial hemp farming was illegal in the United States. In an article that appeared in Mother Earth News, writer, Robyn Griggs Lawrence shared her thoughts on the need for industrial hemp farming in the United States:

We need immediate action to clean up this environmental disaster. Matter of Trust, a nonprofit group, is collecting human hair and pet fur (which naturally absorb oil) to stuff into nylon bags. We’d like to see hemp—which was planted in the fields surrounding Chernobyl to remove radioactive elements after the 1986 explosion—put to work in the Gulf as well.

It’s illegal to grow hemp in the United States because it’s related to marijuana, so any hemp used for the cleanup would have to be imported. If hemp cultivation were allowed in the United States, we would have a real, renewable solution to this problem—and many others.

Luckily, since this horrible oil spill, fourteen states have made it legal for industrial hemp farming but we need to spread the opportunity across all of the United States.

Legalizing Industrial Hemp – You Can Make a Difference

Visit Vote Hemp for more information about the current legislation and to learn more about how you can make a difference. Consider writing to your state representative to encourage them to make industrial hemp farming legal in your state. Perhaps you could even tell them about one of the many industrial hemp uses that would be beneficial to your state.   vote hemp, industrial hemp uses, industrial hemp

And if you don’t believe that one voice can make a difference, let’s take a look at one voice who has changed Target department stores across America. From JJ DiGeronimo’s blog article on 2016 Most Interesting People in Cleveland, we learn:

 Abi Bechtel, a University of Akron Teaching Assistant, saw something she believed was wrong and took to social media to voice her opinion. As the mother of three boys, Bechtel convinced Target to remove gender labeling from many of its aisles after sending the tweet “Don’t do this, @Target” with a photo of a store sign that read “Building Sets/Girls’ Building Sets.” Within days, Bechtel received more than 2,000 retweets and caught the eye of BuzzFeed and the Daily Dot. Two months later, Target announced they were removing gender-based signage from its stores. Abi’s one voice was powerful enough to effect change on a grand scale. Bravo to her and to Target for recognizing the validity of Abi’s request and making a change in their locations.

We need your one voice!

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