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Industrial Hemp Farming – It Starts With the Soil

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For farmers, deciding what to plant starts with the soil. They weigh the profitability and past performance of certain seeds before determining how to use their land in the upcoming planting season. Now it looks like industrial hemp farming is a new cash crop consideration.

Many farmers debate between growing tobacco, soy, corn, wheat, etc. But now there is a new seed on the market vying for farmer’s attention.

Hemp Seed.

In an interview with Bob Hughes-VP Sales-Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, he shares a little insight into the farmer’s decisions:

Hemp is a Cash Crop that will potentially compete with the commodity crops. Farmers will be able to make more with hemp from the beginning. They sign the growing contract for the purchase price at the end of the growing cycle. The farmers can then make an economic decision as to whether growing hemp will bring them more profits. 

 The farmer has to be able to make a decent profit compared to the other crops or they won’t grow it. It has to compare to other commodities – corn, soy and cotton. Farmers must consider the total cost – time, fuel, fertilizer, cost of seeds per pound, harvesting, storage, and transport costs to the factory.

 We have been contacted by many farmers that want to grow hemp. They are weighing it as an economic decision. 

Industrial hemp farming is not only a great investment for farmers in states where it is legal to grow, but it is also a socially responsible commodity for investors to consider.

Industrial Hemp Farming – A Smart Investment

South Dakota recently joined the ranks as a state where industrial hemp farming is now legal. In an article by Jeff Seigel in Wealth Daily, he writes that Hemp: A Socially Responsible Investment – It’s Time to Invest in Hemp.

Jeff says:

While the Congressional Research Service notes that hemp can provide an economically viable alternative crop for some U.S. growers, I believe it can provide much more.

Industrial hemp offers viable opportunities for U.S. farmers, viable opportunities for U.S. manufacturers, and viable opportunities for U.S. investors who simply want to do little more than invest in and profit from what really amounts to a very important socially responsible investment.

An environmentally-superior industrial crop that offers health benefits for consumers and financial benefits for farmers absolutely represents an investment opportunity that is both ethical and profitable. And I for one will not hesitate to pounce on such an opportunity. You shouldn’t either.

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