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How Industrial Hemp Celebrates 4-20

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How do Industrial Hemp and the folks at Hemp, Inc. celebrate 420? The truth is, we try to separate ourselves from the idea that hemp and marijuana are connected, because they aren’t. But today is a recognized holiday for many and so we thought we’d shared what we are busy doing today:

Hemp Oil for Hair: Using natural ingredients, instead of harsh chemicals, is better for your hair! Shampoo and Conditioner with hemp oil keeps hair beautiful and moisturized. It provides natural proteins that strengthen your hair and protect it against breakage. Hemp oil naturally contains Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids that improve blood circulation to the scalp, nourishes the hair follicles and stimulates growth. Healthy scalp… healthy hair!

Hemp Oil for Skin: There are many moisturizers on the market today. But pampering your skin products that contain hemp oil can help moisturize and heal dry skin. Hemp oil absorbs instantly into your skin and works like an intense softening treatment. It moisturizes areas that are prone to extreme dryness, such as heels, elbows, knees, and hands.

  • Munching on hemp seeds – a natural and healthy snack. Hemp seeds are a plentiful source fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and important essential amino acids.
  • Lounging around with friends in a hemp chair made from industrial hemp. Inhabitat talks about the Aisslinger industrial hemp and kenaf chair. The Aisslinger chair is pressed into shape from one continuous fiber sheet. Aisslinger, who is with BASF, created the material, which fuses 70% hemp and kenaf fibers with a water-based acrylic resin called Acrodur. The fusion process is environmentally safe and does not release any of the toxic phenols or formaldehyde from the resin — the only by-product is eco-safe water.
  • Getting comfy in hemp jeans made from industrial hemp.

 “Hemp Blue brings my hippie dreams full circle. To me, Hemp Blue stands for what we, the counter culture of the 60’s, were fighting for. As much as we were standing up against the Vietnam War, we were also standing up against the war on Mother Earth. Bringing a valuable plant like hemp back to our culture can play a big role in protecting and healing the earth. I intend to do all I can, to continue to fight the good fight, hence the birth of Hemp Blue.” – Robin Lane (Founder of Hemp Blue)

No matter how you celebrate the day – remember that making industrial hemp legal is a top priority and Hemp, Inc. is focused on making that a reality nationwide. We celebrate the most each time a state passes the law, making industrial hemp farming legal.

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