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Hemp Buyers Club exists to solve the critical issues facing our industry for both large and small operators as we enter the commoditization phase of the industry. We aggregate farmers, producers, vendors, service providers, buyers and sellers. We provide a broad range of vetted services and solutions to help optimize performance and productivity to save money during production and increase sales from our final products to ensure farmers can create a viable cash crop while processors and manufacturers can increase their inputs for consumer and industrial products.

Farmer/Grower Benefits

Farmers and growers can take advantage of our cost savings and vetted service providers to decrease their input costs while increasing yields and success.


As a vetted processor we bring farmers and growers who need vetted services and products deeper value chain solutions to ensure win, win, win scenarios for everyone.

Building a Community and an Industry

With decades of experience and knowledge our vetted community provides a vast knowledge base of like minded individuals who want to grow an ethical, responsible and lucrative trillion dollar hemp industry globally.

Business to Consumer

We work with the best in the industry to partner with large buyers: retailers, manufacturers and distributors so they know they have a qualified and vetted supply chain following industry best practices, laws and regulations for go to market strategies that will create large scale buy orders for consumer and industrial product producers.

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