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Hemp Industry Prime for Post-Pandemic Growth

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Cannabis Tech spoke with Bruce Perlowin, CEO and founder of Hemp Inc., to peer into the crystal ball and provide insight for the hemp industry in these highly unpredictable times.

With an admittedly colorful history smuggling marijuana, Perlowin has been involved in the cannabis and hemp sectors for most of his life. At the center of CNBC’s 2009 documentary, “Marijuana, Inc.,” the publicity from the documentary eventually led to the creation of Medical Marijuana, Inc., the first company in the United States to go public under the symbol MJNA.

Today, as a pioneer in both industries, Perlowin and his Hemp Inc. (OTC: HEMP) believe now is the time to rejuvenate America’s love for hemp. “We’re now about ten years old as a public company, and I, like a lot of people, have been fascinated with all the different things we can do with hemp. From building your house to [making] clothing and hemp plastics, I see hemp as a much greater opportunity with a biodiverse line of products.”