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Hemp, Inc. Installs Silo at Decortication Plant

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It has been an exciting week at our Decortication Plant in North Carolina. We had big rigs delivering and positioning the silo next to our decortication plant. Watch the fun video:

What does this mean for Hemp, Inc.?

We are one step closer to industrial hemp processing in North Carolina.

Just bring you up to speed, it has been a long process getting approval for the decortication plant in North Carolina. Starting more than a year ago, Hemp, Inc. has been planning and working with government officials to get this plant, the largest of its kind in the United States, up and running.

Once we are operational we’ll be able to process raw kenaf and industrial hemp which can be used to make paper, fabric, cellulose plastics, materials used extensively in oil and gas drilling to prevent loss circulation, material for toxic spill cleanup, and, highly insulating building products such as Hempcrete.

Hemp, Inc. offers the decortication plant to farmers who are in the region. The main issue at this time is the transportation across state lines. This is why the company is also developing a portable decortication unit that farmers can use on their own land. Once the fiber is processed, they will be able to ship it to the decortication plant in NC. for further processing into products. It’s a win-win for all.

Providing hemp farmers with a way of processing their stalks gives them an added revenue stream from their crops. Without a way to process the stalks to make additional products, farmers typically let the stalks rot in the fields or grind them up for animal bedding.

The installation of the silo moves us just one step closer to having a fully operational decortication plant!

We have been posting update videos to Hemp Presents and invite you to visit often and see where we are. In the meantime, check out how far we have come:

Hemp, Inc. purchases the decortication plant.

The decortication machines are installed.

Wiring the electrical wires into the decortication plant.