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DrillWall – The Ultimate in Lost Circulation Material

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There is a lot of talk about the value and importance of lost circulation material, but so far, very little conversation about the kenaf alternative.

At Hemp, Inc. we understand how important lost circulation material or LCM as it is more commonly known, is to the oil industry. Therefore, we have developed a propriety product that offers a clean, environmentally friendly solution to oil leakage that is manufacturer using kenaf as the primary ingredient. We have named that product DrillWallTM.

DrillWall™ is insoluble in water, non-toxic, biodegradable drilling fluid additive used in oilfield drilling applications. It acts as a borehole stabilizer, a lubricating agent, as well as preventing differential sticking. The product is a mixture of micronized organic cellulose fibers and provides excellent seepage and lost circulation control. Learn more about DrillWall™.

Did you know that Oil companies have a choice in their Lost Circulation Material?

They can choose to

  • Sop up the oil leaking into the earth’s foundation with pieces of plastic or DrillWall™ made of organic cellulose fibers.
  • Research the type of LCM to use based oil type, choosing coarse, medium or fine or use DrillWall™ which can be used with any type of drilling fluid.
  • Spend $9 to $12 per pound or DrillWall™ priced from $1.75 to $3.00 per pound.
  • Purchase LCM in 1.5 cu ft bags or DrillWall™ which comes in 25 pound multi-ply, paper bags on flame treated wood pallets and is wrapped for moisture protection.
  • Use toxic, non-biodegradable materials or DrillWall™ – which is non-toxic to the workers and even the packaging is environmentally friend.

Hemp, Inc. Begins Production on Lost Circulation Material in 2016

Our company will be producing the LCMs this year. Even though it is a very specified niche market, we want you to know one of the many ways in which hemp (and kenaf) can green up the oil industry. In 1999 the Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center produced a report on the benefits of Kenaf as an absorbent material. You can read the report here: Navy Study.

Click here to learn more about the DrillWall™ option for Lost Circulation Material Product.