27. Decortication Plant Update – February 2016

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This is the new video update on the decortication plant in North Carolina that will soon be processing the kenaf fields we just harvested. We know you have waited anxiously, but we have been hard at work as you will see.

We show you the birdseye view of the kenaf fields being harvested. After that the stalks are left to “rett” in the field to separate the outer “bast” fiber from the core. Then it will be ready for decortication and processing into industrial products. The first products we will produce are DrillWall Loss Circulation Material (LCM) and SpillSuck, an absorbent oil spill cleanup material.

The video shows the completed compressor lines and the extensive electrical “brains” of the Temafa decortication plant that is close to completion.

We also just had a break in the weather so we could pour the cement slab for the silo that will house the fiber we process.

You will get to see the portable decortication prototype we are developing. This will allow farmers to process the stalks right in the fields. Look closely at who is feeding the kenaf into the decorticator! It’s our fearless leader Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp Inc.