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New Look, New Feel for Hemp, Inc.’s Hempinc.com

Get ready to feast your eyes on Hemp, Inc.’s (OTC PINK: HEMP) newly redesigned website
that provides the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation, functionality, and
payment processing. Hempinc.com and Kingofhempusa.com are now under one incredible roof
to properly align with the Company’s vision for future growth and expansion. Immediate
You can dissect Hemp, Inc.’s mission in the hemp revolution; learn how to invest in and grow
with Hemp, Inc.; read the latest financial reports; discover the latest news, events, and
announcements; browse through the full CBD product line; take advantage of exclusive
discounts and promotions on some of the best products in the industry; or, maybe you just need
to decide between natural or vanilla-flavored CBD/CBG enhancer for your morning cup of
coffee. Whatever the case, it’s at your fingertips. The redesigned website is a user-centric,
invaluable resource accessible across all platforms and devices.
“We have ensured our customers have a personalized experience as they explore the site.
They’re able to genuinely connect with the rich content from the moment they land on the
homepage. Hemp, Inc. is one of the pioneers in the hemp industry and has undergone many
changes over the past 14 years so our foothold in the industry runs deep and we’ll continue to
evolve as the industry evolves. Our newly redesigned website represents how far we’ve come
and sets the foundation for where we’re headed,” said Hemp, Inc. CEO, Gary Perlowin.
After months of hard work and dedication to making the website user-centric, Hemp, Inc. is
ecstatic about its relaunch. So how did they meet their audience’s high expectations? Let’s take
a look:
Forward-thinking navigation – Fewer clicks to get you to where you want to go
Fast-response functionality – Any browser, any mobile response… it’s compatible
Improved cart functionality – Shop securely with a speedy checkout
Prominent Certificate of Analysis (COA) display – Proof of the best-sourced
ingredients for the best products on the market today
Take time now to explore Hemp, Inc.’s product lines containing CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBGA, and
CBN (non-psychoactive compounds found in cannabis plants). CBD, the active ingredient in
cannabis that is derived from the hemp plant, is widely-known for pain relief, relaxation, and
anxiety relief. Did you know adding CBG to CBD enhances those benefits? Did you know CBN
is known for helping sleeplessness? Mixing CBN, CBD, and CBG is a great recipe for a better
night’s sleep.
And a recipe is only as good as its ingredients and how those ingredients are blended. Hemp,
Inc. uses pharmaceutical-grade beta-cyclodextrin (a carbohydrate used during the
manufacturing process) which is combined with CBD and CBG for rapid absorption and uptake.
The Company’s CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBGA, and CBN product lines are highly potent therapeutic
doses that have received rave reviews. Ready to order these amazing products? Click here.
We hope you enjoy the new look, feel, and usability of hempinc.com. Suggestions, questions, or
comments? We want to hear from you. Reach out to us here with your feedback.
What’s next for Hemp, Inc.? Continuous improvement and updates in real-time and deeper
engagement with clients, customers, and shareholders.
About Hemp, Inc.
With more than 10 years of experience in growing and processing hemp in North America,
Hemp, Inc. has an established network of industry professionals in every segment of the
industrial hemp industry. Hemp, Inc.’s 85,000-square-foot facility on over 9 acres in Spring
Hope, N.C. is one of the largest industrial multipurpose hemp processing facilities in North
America. Its mission of providing green solutions that help make the world a better place
continues to flourish as the company advances an ever-growing portfolio of revenue and valuegenerating synergistic businesses. Hemp may be the salvation in retooling America for greener,
more sustainable domestic manufacturing.
The Company will continue to keep its shareholders up to date on all pertinent material events,
product releases, production plans, and inventory availability. Those interested in distributing on
a large-scale basis should email sales@hempinc.com or call 877-436-7564 for more
information. The entire product line includes tinctures, gummies, capsules, and edibles in a
variety of sizes, potencies, flavors, and formulas with a future focus on healthy foods for healthy
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