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Hemp, Inc.’s Chief Visionary Consultant, Bruce Perlowin, Talks With Stock Day Podcast About Hemp, Inc.’s Super Potent Line of CBD/CBG/CBN Products

Las Vegas, NV, July 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — After being in the industry for almost 50 years, Bruce Perlowin knows a thing or two about hemp and all that’s derived from it.  From founder and CEO (of Hemp, Inc.) to now Chief Visionary Consultant, Bruce Perlowin has been a sought-after industry consultant, helping other industry companies gain a stronger foothold in the market, while continuing to help Hemp, Inc. expand its market reach.  Stock Day Podcast was lucky enough to catch up with Perlowin for an interview where he revealed a few benefits you may not know about Hemp, Inc.’s super potent line of CBD/CBG products.

With cannabidiol (CBD) officially going mainstream, Hemp, Inc.’s innovative, highly potent CBD products have also garnered the attention of the media. Sever Copley, co-host of the Stock Day Podcast, introduced and welcomed its returning guest, Bruce Perlowin, as one of the industry creatives and started off the interview with Perlowin’s background in the industry: “Currently, you are the CVC or Chief Visionary Consultant for Hemp, Inc. You’ve moved on from being the founder and CEO to being a consultant in the industry. Do you consult for other companies other than Hemp, Inc.?”

“I consult with a whole variety of companies,” said Perlowin.  “Traditionally, back in 2014, I made companies a lot of money because I have known this industry for 50 years. With my consulting you get me and my network of experts so whatever I don’t know, they know. So yes, I consult for at least half a dozen companies right now.”

When asked to tell the listeners about the company’s launch of CBD/CBG/CBN high potency product line, Perlowin said it “started years ago with 500 mg, in a bottle, 850 mg, 1000 mg, 1500 mg, and 2000 mg. While we were figuring out the therapeutic doses, we finally came out with a real high potency, because that’s the therapeutic dose that gets the effect. We’re in our late 60s and early 70s, so we formulated the products keeping ourselves in mind. We don’t need to gouge the public either; our high potency CBD/CBG is 7500mg of CBD and 2500mg of CBG. The CBG is for pain. For sleep, we have a highly potent CBD/CBG/CBN combination in capsule and tincture form that works. CBN is the most powerful natural sleep aid that’s not addictive, that we know of so far, scientifically.”
Hemp, Inc.’s King of Hemp® Super Tincture is formulated with a total of 10,000 mg of cannabinoid (7,500 mg of CBD and 2,500 mg of CBG), boasts rapid absorption, and is four times the potency of other hemp-derived tinctures on the market.  Most of the products on the market have, at most, 3,000 mg of cannabinoids.  At a fraction of the price, Hemp, Inc.’s King of Hemp® tincture far exceeds what’s on the market.  The Company has made the high-quality ingredient combination affordable. The Natural, Vanilla, and Cherry flavored CBD/CBG Super Tinctures satisfy the most discerning palates while providing a clean, green way to enhance mood and clarity. The CBD/CBG Super Tinctures are in stock and available on the King of Hemp®website.

Hemp, Inc. also has a coffee enhancer that has been receiving rave reviews. The super potent King of Hemp®Coffee Enhancer absorbs rapidly in coffee and is four times more potent than other hemp-derived coffee enhancers currently on the market. The high-quality ingredient combination offers 10,000 mg of cannabinoids (7,500 mg CBD and 2,500 mg CBG) in an MCT oil base. Per serving, that’s 250 mg CBD and 83 mg CBG.  There are 30 servings per bottle.
Perlowin also said Hemp Inc. will have a CBDA and CBGA product in the next 7-10 days. “We’re doing this because of a scientific study that came out in Oregon saying that CBGA and CBDA block the coronavirus spikes attaching to a live cell. We don’t know if it does it in humans yet, but it does in a Petri dish… Let’s face it, a virus is a virus and if it blocks it, it blocks it… I’m going to take whatever I can to make sure those spikes don’t stick to a healthy cell.”
When asked about labeling, Perlowin said, “Yes. We are a contract manufacturer. We will custom label for anyone out there.”  He also hinted there may be some big news announced soon so stay abreast of the company’s upcoming press releases.

By streamlining its manufacturing process, Hemp, Inc. has been able to bring incredible products such as their Super Tincture and Coffee Enhancer to market, at an excellent price.  Use discount code “BRUCE420” to be used at checkout for 10% off your order.

Pure. Premium. Potent. Hemp, Inc. is very excited about its powerhouse line of products. Committed to going above and beyond to exceed its customer’s expectations, Hemp, Inc. strives to bring incredibly healthy products to market without ever compromising the quality of its King of Hemp® brand.

Listen to the full interview with Bruce Perlowin on Friday, July 8, 2022, by visiting https://stockdaymedia.com/.  To catch up with the latest news on Hemp, Inc., be sure to check out Healthy Products for Healthy Living: A Look into Hemp, Inc.’s Pure, Premium, and Potent CBD and Wellness Products (June 16, 2022);Hemp, Inc. Releases New High Potency CBD/CBG Vanilla Flavored Coffee Enhancer (June 9, 2022)Hemp, Inc.’s King of Hemp CBD-CBG-CBN Natural Sleep Aid Capsules in Stock and On Sale (May 26, 2022)King of Hemp Natural and Vanilla-Flavored CBD/CBG “Super” Tinctures Now in Stock (May 12, 2022).
The Company will continue to keep its shareholders up to date on all pertinent material events, product releases, production plans, and inventory availability. Those interested in distributing on a large-scale basis should email sales@hempinc.com or call 877-436-7564 for more information. The entire product line includes tinctures, gummies, capsules, and edibles in a variety of sizes, potencies, flavors, and formulas with a future focus on healthy foods for healthy living.

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