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Hemp Inc. Affiliate, Tony Finch, Certified Master Grower, Reports to “Stock Day”: Thankful for North Carolina Hemp Farming Opportunities

PHOENIX, Jan. 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Uptick Newswire “Stock Day” podcast keeps investors up to date on the latest penny stock news by bringing transparency in the micro-cap side of the market. Connect with “Stock Day” and to over 600+  CEO interviews on the OTC, Pink Sheets and micro-cap news from around the world by following Stock Day’s YouTube, Google Play and iTunes. Everett Jolly, CEO and host of “Stock Day”, highlights Hemp Inc. (OTC:HEMP) (“Company”), and welcomes a new guest Mr. Tony Finch, a fourth generation tobacco farmer and certified master grower, who has been growing fiber for Hemp Inc. for the past three years.

Family farming is suffering across the country and many farmers are looking for a new crop to grow to be able to make their way into the future. In 2017 a few more states joined the movement of legalizing the growth of the cannabis plant which has opened up a whole new opportunity for the hemp industry in North Carolina. Mr. Finch has acknowledged and taken advantage of this new opportunity noting that the hemp crop can produce a profit margin of four to six times that of tobacco in North Carolina.

Growing hemp is a daily hands-on, labor induced process and being a fourth-generation tobacco farmer Mr. Finch has become accustomed to the fruits of everyday labor. This territory is all too familiar and for him this new-found journey is just his routine of farming. He describes the end outcome of this type of farming as his way of helping the lives of people worldwide and that this is one of the reasons he has taken advantage of this industry while it’s on the rise.

From a farming perspective, Mr. Finch describes North Carolina as one of the most beneficial states to grow the hemp plant. With the annual rainfall, he reports no need for irrigation systems; the hemp crop needs a humid climate which North Carolina has. He describes the rich soil across the state from the mountains to the coast. All of these factors make a well-balanced formula to grow the hemp plant to its full potential. With the interview coming to a close, Mr. Finch points out that there is a lot of product in North Carolina and not a lot of specialized equipment from a manufacturing standpoint. He views this as an opportunity for the hemp manufacturing industry to meet an underserved need. Even though the hemp farming is still new, Mr. Finch believes that the manufacturing side of industry will be able to develop rapidly, encouraging the expansion of the industrial hemp movement around the country.

In closing, Mr. Finch states: “From a small family farmer struggling on the economic side, I would like to thanks Hemp, Inc. for coming to North Carolina and putting in a manufacturing facility. This has given me a new avenue for a new crop. Otherwise I was looking in the next few years of folding up just because of the economics. I wouldn’t have been able to pass this down to my kids, which would have been the fifth generation and it is real nice to have the ability for them to have this option… I would like to tip the hat, it wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for our legislatures here in North Carolina that passed the industrial hemp bill. So, thank you for the opportunity to try to grow a new crop to see what we can do with it.”

Listen to the full interview by clicking here or the following link:  https://upticknewswire.com/featured-interview-certified-master-grower-tony-finch-of-hemp-inc-otcpink-hemp


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