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COO of Hemp, Inc.’s Subsidiary to Speak at 4th Annual NoCo Hemp Expo

SPRING HOPE, NC–(Marketwired – Mar 31, 2017) – Hemp, Inc. ( OTC PINK : HEMP ) reported, today, its Chief Operating Officer of its wholly owned subsidiary, Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, LLC, David Schmitt, will speak at the 4th Annual Northern Colorado (NoCo) Hemp Expo in Loveland, Colorado. The two-day NoCo Hemp Expo, which starts today, is the most influential hemp-centric trade show and conference in the industrial hemp industry. The expo will have over 60 industry expert speakers, panelists and thought leaders, over 130 exhibitors, vendors and suppliers and the largest selection of hemp products and services under one roof.

Schmitt was invited to speak on the “Industrial Uses of Hemp” panel with other panel members who include Ed Alvarez, Ed Lehrburger, Paul Isham and Trey Riddle, scheduled for tomorrow at 12:30pm in the Hemp Summit room. Schmitt is senior level management with over 20 years of experience in research & development in the natural fiber industry. For the last 16 years he has been specifically involved in the growing and processing of kenaf, jute and most recently industrial hemp.

“We own the largest multi-purpose industrial hemp decorticator and an operational mill in the U.S. We held our first educational symposium (Farming HEMP for Profit™), through our Hemp University, in Spring Hope, North Carolina about two weeks ago. It was a huge success. The event was completely sold out. The one hundred attendees who attended rated the quality of information presented as excellent, so I am especially pleased to be here at NoCo today for this event and to share some of the things we are doing as a company,” said Schmitt. A few of the trainers who teach at Hemp, Inc.’s “Hemp University Educational Symposium” (Dr. Michael Villa, Bill Billings, Dani Billings) are also speaking at the NoCo Hemp Expo.

Dr. Michael Villa, a professional plant ecologist with a diverse background in research of many different plant communities with extensive experience in wetland ecology, restoration, and creation is scheduled to speak at NoCo today, at 2:30pm on “Cannabinoid Conversations“. This is an open forum to discuss growing, pesticides, lab testing, extraction processes, manufacturing methods, compliance, standards, quality control, pricing, keeping it craft/going industrial, lobbying, and legislation. Dr. Michael Villa will be joined by Brandon Beatty, Mike Hariner, and Quinatzin De La Torre. His company, Innovations in Science and Business Research and Development, is based in Colorado.

William “Wild Bill” Billings, co-founder of the Colorado Hemp Project and a Colorado native with many of Colorado’s largest corporate and family-owned farms is scheduled to speak at NoCo tomorrow at 11:00am on “The Family Farm Still Matters” panel. Wild Bill will be joined by panel members Doug Fine, Edgar Winters, Hana Gabrielova, Rich Becks and Ryan Loflin.

Dani Billings, founder of Nature’s Root, made a name for herself by spending a lot of time traveling and educating groups, different government officials, speaking at conventions, private events and seminars. Dani is well known in the Colorado medical cannabis community as one of the top female cannabis entrepreneurs. She is scheduled to speak tomorrow at 11:30am on the “Hemp Supply Chain” panel. Dani will be joined by panel members Brandon Pitcher, Josh Hendrix, Summer Star-Haeske and Zev Paiss.

Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc. ( OTC PINK : HEMP ) and Phillip Boyer, Director of Operations of Hemp, Inc.’s wholly owned subsidiary, Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, LLC, in Spring Hope, North Carolina are also in attendance at NoCo. Perlowin and Boyer are networking with other industry executives for potential opportunities for the company.

Dr. Michael Villa is also in negotiations with Hemp, Inc. for the planting, harvest and purchase of 17,000 high CBD-rich hemp clones. According to Dr. Villa, his company will be growing 17,000 plants for Hemp, Inc. in Colorado for CBD production. The clones will be made up of 8 different strains and is expected to be planted in late May of this year and harvested late September/early October. The crop will be dried and processed in Colorado. The CBD oil, to be extracted, will be prepared for the nutraceutical market. There are to be 1,000 plants per acre so the total crop will cover 17 acres. The whole process is expected to create jobs for up to 25 people or more. Taking into account the infrastructure, testing facilities and retail outlets, Colorado can expect a nice influx of job creation for its economy, says Dr. Villa.

Those who attend the upcoming Hemp on the Slope! event in Colorado will be able to see Hemp, Inc.’s 17,000 CBD clones growing up close. Visit www.HempOnTheSlope.com for more information on this event. More information on this event can also be read below.


1. NoCo Hemp Expo (March 31 – April 1, 2017 in Loveland, Colorado)

The NoCo Hemp Expo (NoCo4) will provide networking opportunities with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, educators, policymakers, and global thought leaders who are on the cutting-edge of hemp research, development and innovation. NoCo4 will bring together hemp-centric companies from the regional, national and international markets to promote and expand the awareness surrounding the extensive benefits of industrial and nutritional hemp. This year, NoCo4 will introduce their “Global Hemp Village” which will connect industry leaders from around the world with the growing U.S. markets. The primary goal of NoCo4 is to increase awareness of new hemp products, technology, innovation, legislation and politics that impact the advancement of hemp re-entering the mainstream with common-sense regulations.

2. Hemp & Cannabis Fair (April 1 – 2, 2017 in Salem, Oregon)

The Hemp & Cannabis Fair will showcase hemp and cannabis products, accessories and tools, grow and harvest equipment, samples and a large variety of vendors with smoking accessories. The fair will also present useful information on recreational marijuana laws along with a laundry list of medicinal uses for patients.

3. The Hemp University’s Farming HEMP for Profit (April 29, 2017 in Spring Hope, North Carolina)

The Hemp University will be doing its second event for landowners, farmers, entrepreneurs and investors. This will also be the last “introductory” event, as following classes will be focused on a high-end technical education series. These will be similar to what you would expect for experienced professionals in their fields or those wanting the latest information on a specific topic.

4. Marijuana Business Conference and Expo (May 16 – 19, 2017 in Washington, DC)

The Marijuana Business Conference and Expo is the largest gathering business community of mid to large wholesale growers, dispensaries and recreational retailers, infused product makers, ancillary companies ranging from grow technology to legal services, and, angels and VCs investing in privately-held firms. The conference highlights the latest advances and networking opportunities in the cannabis industry. MJBizCon, as it is referred to, has continued to set industry-wide attendance records and is by far the world’s largest gathering of executives and exhibitors each and every season. The show continues to be curated by the editors of MJBizDaily, the industry’s most trusted professional news service. The upcoming expo expects 3,500-4,000 attendees from all 50 states and more than a dozen nations including a large Canadian contingent.

5. The Hemp University’s Farming HEMP for Profit (May 27, 2017 in Spring Hope, North Carolina)

The Hemp University will launch the first of these events focused on Greenhouse and Indoor Growing. As May/June mark the end for the outdoor planting season, The Hemp University will bring the best in class Greenhouse and Indoor Growing experts to educate and train attendees on the opportunities, challenges and what is needed to succeed.

6. Hemp on the Slope (July 22, 2017 at Salt Creek Ranch in Collbran, CO from 11:00am to 5:00pm)

Presented by Salt Creek Hemp Co. and produced by the Colorado Hemp Company, this celebration will feature speakers, workshops, exhibitors, live music, hemp food, networking and more. Hemp on the Slope seeks to educate and inform the community on the amazing benefits of hemp and the economic opportunities that exist. This event is hemp-centric and focused on all of the industrial, nutritional, and nutraceutical benefits of non-psychoactive cannabis-hemp. This event is not a medical or recreational marijuana event

7. Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition (June 14 – 16, 2017 in New York, New York; September 13 – 15, 2017 in Los Angeles, California; and October 4 – 6, 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts)

The Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo (CWCBExpo) is the definitive business event for the cannabis industry. Exhibitors and sponsors bring cutting-edge solutions to owners and managers of businesses in this fast-growing industry, and a wealth of opportunity and knowledge to those looking to enter the market with potential partners and investors. The Annual Cannabis World Congress & Business Expositions feature the latest technologies, solutions and resources for your cannabis-related company. Exhibits, products, services and seminars available at the 2017 CWCBExpo will include: Accounting & Insurance Services; Advertising & Marketing Agencies; Banking & Payment Processing Services; Botanicals; Containers, Bottles, & Packaging; Dispensing & Vending Machines; Displays & Fixtures; Grow Lights; Hemp Products; Hydroponics & Cultivation Products; Infused Edibles & Beverages; Inventory Tracking; Lawyers & Legal Resources; Licensing Services; Medical Resources; Paraphernalia (Head Shop & Smoke Shop Goods); POS & Management Software; Private Equity & Investment Resources; Professional Training & Education; Security Services & Equipment; Seed Banks; Testing & Lab Services; Tinctures, Tonics, & Topicals; Vaporizers; and, more.

8. The Hemp University’s Farming HEMP for Profit (June 24, 2017 in Spring Hope, North Carolina)

The Hemp University will bring you The Art and Science of Extraction. Potentially the greatest single opportunity in the cannabis industry are the products created via extraction. With over 120 currently discovered cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis — extraction and refinement are paramount to creating top tier consumer products.

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Hemp, Inc. Presents” is capturing the historic, monumental re-creation of the hemp decorticator today as America begins to evolve into a cleaner, green, eco-friendly sustainable environment. What many see as the next American Industrial Revolution is actually the Industrial Hemp Revolution. Watch as Hemp, Inc., the #1 leader in the industrial hemp industry, engages its shareholders and the public through each step in bringing back the hemp decorticator as described in the “Freedom Leaf Magazine” article “The Return of the Hemp Decorticator” by Steve Bloom.

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Hemp is a durable natural fiber that is grown as a renewable source for raw materials that can be incorporated into thousands of products. It’s one of the oldest domesticated crops known to man. Hemp is used in nutritional food products such as hemp seeds, hemp hearts and hemp proteins, for humans. It is also used in building materials, paper, textiles, cordage, organic body care and other nutraceuticals, just to name a few. It has thousands of other known uses. A hemp crop requires half the water alfalfa uses and can be grown without the heavy use of pesticides. Farmers worldwide grow hemp commercially for fiber, seed, and oil for use in a variety of industrial and consumer products. The United States is the only developed nation that fails to cultivate industrial hemp as an economic crop on a large scale, according to the Congressional Resource Service. However, with rapidly changing laws and more states gravitating towards industrial hemp and passing an industrial hemp bill, that could change. Currently, the majority of hemp sold in the United States is imported from China and Canada, the world’s largest exporters of the industrial hemp crop.

To see the video showcasing the dramatic footage of our hemp and Kenaf grows, click here.

To see 1-minute daily video updates (from Hemp, Inc. CEO Bruce Perlowin) on the final phases of completion of Hemp, Inc.’s 70,000 square foot industrial hemp processing facility and milling operation and other developments, click here. (Remember to scroll down to see the other videos of this historical event of building an American industrial hemp processing facility and factory from the ground up.)


Fuel. While the industrial, medicinal and commercial properties of hemp have been known to mankind for a very long time, its benefits to the environment have just been realized in recent years. One of the compelling things hemp offers is fuel. Reserves of petroleum are being depleted Right now we are depleting our reserves of petroleum and buying it up from other countries. It would be nice if we could have a fuel source which was reusable and which we could grow right here, making us completely energy independent.

Industries in search of sustainable and eco-friendly processes are realizing hemp as a viable option. Hemp can provide an alternative, more efficient source of energy in the fuel industry.  “The woody hemp plant is low in moisture; it dries quickly and is an efficient biomass source of methanol. The waste products produced by using hemp oil are a good source of ethanol. Both methanol and ethanol are produced from hemp through the efficient and economical process of thermo-chemical conversion. One acre of hemp yields 1,000 gallons or 3,785 liters of fuel. Hemp allows a lesser reliance on fossil fuels, which are non-renewable sources of energy and will not be able to meet the increasing global demands for long.

Petroleum fuel increases carbon monoxide in the atmosphere and contributes heavily to global warming and the greenhouse effect, which could lead to global catastrophe in the next 50 years if these trends continue. Do you want to find out if they are right, or do you want to grow the most cost effective and environmentally safe fuel source on the planet?

Using hemp as an energy and rotation crop would be a great step in the right direction.
To see 1-minute daily video updates (from Hemp, Inc. CEO Bruce Perlowin) on the final phases of completion of Hemp, Inc.’s 70,000 square foot industrial hemp processing facility and milling operation and other developments, click here. (Remember to scroll down to see the other videos of this historical event of building an American industrial hemp processing facility and factory from the ground up.)


The 900-member North Carolina Industrial Hemp Association (NCIHA) is a 501(c)(6) trade organization that represents all the stakeholders helping to build a thriving hemp industry in North Carolina. The NCIHA is responsible for the lobbying effort behind the passage of the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. Through education, dedication and fundraising, North Carolina can be accelerated to the forefront of global growth in Industrial and Medicinal Hemp. North Carolina can and should lead the country in cultivation, processing and support the consumption of hemp’s many beneficial products. Hemp was, for almost 200 years, a legal and fundamental crop in North Carolina and should be again.

Visit www.ncindhemp.org for more information. To join the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Association, click here.


NHA represents hemp farmers, processors, manufacturers, start-up businesses, entrepreneurial endeavors, and retailers and strives to build a viable industrial hemp economy by providing education about the benefits of hemp and providing expert consultation to producers and processors entering the hemp industry. NHA has developed close relationships with local and state government agencies to establish regulations that benefit the hemp industry across the nation. We provide a wealth of expertise in fields ranging from mining and agriculture to hemp materials processing and the latest developments pertaining to laws and regulations. For more information on the National Hemp Association, visit www.NationalHempAssociation.org.


Aligned with Hemp, Inc.’s Triple Bottom Line approach, CEO Bruce Perlowin is exploring the possibilities of developing “Hemp Growing Veteran Village Kins Communities” in North Carolina and considering several other states similar to the 500-acre demonstration community being built in Arizona. He currently has 2,500 acres (and counting) of land in Kingman, Arizona where he’s building a veteran village on 500 of those acres that would consist of 160 lots of 2 1/2 acre parcels for Kins Domains (eco-villages). Each parcel would grow 1 acre of hemp as well as having organic gardens, natural beehives, a pond, a living fence and other elements that make up a Kins Domain.

An additional 100 acres of hemp will be grown in each one of these 500-acre communities. The revenue from fifty of those acres is used to support that community. The revenue from the other fifty acres of hemp will be used to purchase 2 additional 500-acre parcels of land, thus keeping up with the needs of a large number of veterans that exist now and in the future.

The eco-friendly “Veteran Village Kins Communities” were inspired by the book series, The Ringing Cedars of Russia (https://www.ringingcedars.com). Perlowin has since found a way to incorporate it into Hemp, Inc.’s strategy of building hemp growing, CBD-producing “communities” or “villages.” The first part of these “Veteran Village Kins Communities” is a “holistic healing and learning center” whose function in each community is obvious by the title. The prototype Veteran Village Kins Community in Arizona is expected to be completed by mid-2017.

Perlowin has been personally creating the Arizona “Veteran Village Kins Community” since 2013 as a solution to America’s multifaceted veteran problem. To date, forty-four percent of the homeless are veterans. Twelve percent of that group are combat woman veterans with children. Twenty-two veterans commit suicide EVERY DAY. Two million veterans are on food stamps. As for the future, 238,000 veterans are leaving the armed services every year.

From rehabilitation to job creation, Perlowin says this model presents a comprehensive holistic solution to those individuals that all Americans owe a great debt of gratitude towards… the American veterans. Perlowin expects this model to produce very lucrative revenue for Hemp, Inc., the veterans themselves and the local communities these Kins Communities are built near. “The infrastructure for ‘The Hemp Growing, CBD-Producing, Veteran-Village Kins Community,’ which takes time to build, is already in place in Arizona. I’ve been building this infrastructure since 2013 and it can be duplicated for any state,” says Perlowin.


Arizona. As reported by Hemp, Inc. on 2/22/17, Arizona State Legislature, SB1337, that was in review by the Senate has passed the Senate with a 26-4 with bipartisan support in the Senate and is now in the House for consideration. SB 1337, if passed, would legalize the production, processing, sale and distribution of industrial hemp for commercial purposes.

Kansas. House Bill 2182, introduced by the Commerce, Labor and Economic Development committee, passed the Kansas House yesterday with a 103 to 18 vote. HB 2182 establishes a pilot program that authorizes the Kansas Department of Agriculture to license commercial growers to produce industrial hemp, and for businesses to process the plant into various products. It would also authorize universities such as Kansas State University to conduct research into seed varieties, cultivation and commercialization of hemp products.

Australia. The Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) announced that it will permit the sale of hemp seed products, such as flours and oils, for human consumption. FSANZ is the bi-national government agency which administers the food standards code and has already prepared and assessed a proposal to develop new regulation that will allow the sale of hemp seed products. Hemp Foods Australia, the largest hemp food wholesaler, retailer, manufacturer and exporter in the Southern Hemisphere, expects the legalization to be granted on April 28, 2017 with hemp foods available for sale in Australia after November of this year.

Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc. ( OTC PINK : HEMP ) said, “We are not wasting any time. We are reaching out to industry contacts in Australia to sell seeds produced here in North Carolina. This is part of our ongoing efforts to ‘Make America Hemp Again’ by having America be the largest exporter of hemp products instead of the largest importer of hemp products.”

Perlowin has established relationships with “country directors” from his previous companies in Australia and New Zealand. His contacts have both managed training centers and large scale sales forces and he’s excited to have an opportunity for Hemp, Inc. to be the first to export American hemp seeds. Making the switch from importing to exporting hemp products will undoubtedly help reach the primary goal of the United States being the largest exporter of hemp. “This (Australia) is also a perfect example of how legalizing industrial hemp creates more opportunities for Hemp, Inc. in a variety of ways,” said Perlowin.


With a deep-rooted social and environmental mission at its core, Hemp, Inc. seeks to build a business constituency for the American small farmer, the American veteran, and other groups experiencing the ever-increasing disparity between tapering income and soaring expenses. As a leader in the industrial hemp industry with ownership of the largest commercial multi-purpose industrial hemp processing facility in North America, Hemp, Inc. believes there can be tangible benefits reaped from adhering to a corporate social responsibility plan. Thus, Hemp, Inc.’s “Triple Bottom Line” approach serves as an important tool in balancing meeting business objectives and the needs of society and environment at the same time.


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To see the video showcasing the dramatic footage of our hemp and Kenaf grows, click here.

To see 1-minute daily video updates (from Hemp, Inc. CEO Bruce Perlowin) on the final phases of completion of Hemp, Inc.’s 70,000 square foot industrial hemp processing facility and milling operation and other developments, click here. (Remember to scroll down to see the other videos of this historical event of building an American industrial hemp processing facility and factory from the ground up.)


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