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Freedom Leaf, Inc. Joins Call for Marijuana Industry to Fund Activism

LAS VEGAS, NV–(Marketwired – Nov 6, 2015) – Freedom Leaf, Inc. (OTC PINK: FRLF) “The Marijuana Legalization Company”, publisher of Freedom Leaf Magazine, FreedomLeaf.com/e-zine is adding to the growing chorus and offering a tangible vehicle for the cannabis industry to strengthen marijuana law reform non-profit groups.

Freedom Leaf, Inc., and its founders, Richard C. Cowan and Clifford J. Perry, donate cash, products and advertising to NORML.orgStudents for Sensible Drug Policy (ssdp.org) and other groups.

Cliff Perry, CEO of Freedom Leaf, Inc., comments, “Just like ourselves, we are calling on every cannabis business and those in cottage industries of security, bio tech, cultivation, dispensing facilities, media and products to donate to NORML and SSDP or the nonprofit of their choosing.”

Freedom Leaf, Inc. (OTC PINK: FRLF) will be present at the “MUST ATTEND” Marijuana Business Daily Fall Conference and Expo in our hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada next week from November, 11-13th: https://mjbizconference.com/agenda/

Marijuana Business Daily is having an unforgettable evening of celebration and networking, and helping to raise over $100,000 toward ending cannabis prohibition by donating 100% of proceeds to six non-profit organizations! If you are attending the conference please register for the event here: https://mjbizconference.com/industry-night/

Other Cannabis Industry Public and Private companies that donate to Industry non-profits are: Hemp, Inc (OTC PINK: HEMP) and its Founder Bruce Perlowin, CBD JEANS, and its Founders Robin Lane and Derek Thomas and MedMen, a marijuana consulting firm all have campaigns to fuel marijuana/hemp reform.

Now that regulated cannabis businesses are established in three states, it is time to bring political pressure to bear on federal policy.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont introduced a bill this week that would remove marijuana from the federal Controlled Substances Act. This would decisively remove the biggest hurdle to banking and business investment, and allow every state to comfortably create local regulations without any fear of interference.

The bill from Senator Sanders is the first time this realistic concept for ending prohibition has been put before the U.S. Senate.

Seeing the bill move through Congress will take a concentrated effort by the seasoned advocacy organizations like NORML.org.

Activism and advocacy are what opened the door to this industry in the first place. Tens of thousands of volunteers working hard at the state level with NORML and SSDP chapters have been the engine of law reform. These are the groups that have held rallies, testified at hearings and effectively passed legislation.

Now that the momentum has grown for even further reforms at the state and federal level, it is time for the cannabis industry to invest in activism. Talk to us next week at the Marijuana Business Daily Fall Conference and Expo in Las Vegashttps://mjbizconference.com/agenda/ about how to make an end to national prohibition a reality.

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