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Hemp Inc. Partners With The Silver Tour to Expand Its Market Awareness Campaign

LAS VEGAS, NV — (Aug 27, 2015) – Hemp, Inc. (OTC PINK: HEMPD) (OTC PINK: HEMP) announced today it will partner with infomercial producer, Robert Platshorn, of The Silver Tour, a non-profit advocacy group that raises awareness of medical marijuana and hemp for senior citizens. The Silver Tour will kick off America’s first national cannabis media campaign to educate voters on the real facts about cannabis, medical marijuana and industrial hemp. Through The Silver Tour, Hemp Inc. expects to further increase awareness of industrial hemp and expand its brand footprint in the market.

The company initially kicked off its market awareness campaign with a full media partnership and public relations campaign with Freedom Leaf, Inc. (OTC PINK: FRLF) whereby Hemp Inc. will advertise across Freedom Leaf’s platforms. Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp Inc. (OTC PINK: HEMP) and longtime supporter of The Silver Tour, said, “Our Media Advisor, Cliff Perry of Freedom Leaf, Inc., advised us of the unique opportunity to partner with a longstanding awareness organization and urged us to sponsor the first ever nationwide industrial hemp and medical marijuana education campaign.”

Robert Platshorn, founder of The Silver Tour, has had massive success influencing senior voters to back the legalization of medical marijuana. According to Platshorn, his TV show, “Should Grandma Smoke Pot?” aired hundreds of times on U.S. TV stations and was featured on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show. Surprisingly, no other cannabis organization has ever used traditional national media for public education on marijuana. The Silver Tour is set to air one thousand “Cannabis Facts” every week on America’s top news/talk radio stations from September 2015 until the 2016 elections.

“I’ve always known the re-emergence of America’s hemp industry would be tied to ending cannabis prohibition. The Silver Tour has been wildly successful in influencing law makers and voters to take a more rational view of not just medical marijuana but the tremendous potential of the commercial hemp industry,” said Perlowin. “Robert is running a total of 3,000 radio ads per month and Hemp Inc. will be mentioned before and after each ad. We’ll be mentioned 6,000 times per month. This is the first time in history anyone has ever done that and we are excited to be a part of it. Robert has been an incredible activist in our industry, very well respected and known throughout the industry.”

The broadening of Hemp Inc.’s market awareness campaign does not, however, stop with The Silver Tour. The company is also working with TNM (The National Marijuana) News Corp. to air sixty second radio spots per month. According to TNM News Corp CEO Todd Denkin, the radio spots would give Hemp Inc. 2,160 impressions per month, 1,440 live reads from the host, and 3,600 imaging at the top of the segments, for a total of 7,200 impressions per month.

TNM News Corp. has pioneered the nation’s first and only unbiased marijuana news network that provides news, interviews and education on all things cannabis. TNM News produces original content for its popular website, syndicated radio program, and mobile app to deliver breaking news, informative interviews and compelling education. The TNM News team explores the political, economic, medicinal, scientific, and cultural dimensions of cannabis with politicians, business people, patients, caregivers, and industry leaders.

To book a guest or advertise on TNMNews.com, interested parties may contact Shelby Stanley at shelby@TNMNews.com or at 702.533.6884. To learn more about The National Marijuana News, go to TNMNews.com. TNMNews and TNM News Corp. are wholly owned subsidiaries of Digipath, Inc. (OTCQB: DIGP).

In addition to The Silver Tour and TNM News Corp outlets, Hemp Inc. CEO Bruce Perlowin is also scheduled to speak and exhibit at the upcoming Las Vegas Hempfest on October 23, 2015. Perlowin also spoke and exhibited at Las Vegas HempCon held May 15-17, 2015 and at Las Vegas Cannabis Information Center’s “A Weekend of Cannabis Knowledge” held in Las Vegas on August 15th and 16th, 2015.

Perlowin was also featured in ERB magazine on August 11, 2015, a featured guest on Nuglife Radio on July 28, 2015, and a featured guest speaker on, “Up Close with Chris Tinney” which aired on VoiceAmerica on June 9, 2015 along with co-guest Anndrea Hermann, President of Hemp Industries Association (theHIA.org). Hemp Inc. will also exhibit at this weekend’s New Earth Events’ Holistic Living Expo in San Diego, California, our seventh event thus far.

The intense campaigning is nothing short of our attempt to make Hemp Inc.’s name synonymous with industrial hemp, especially since the company’s 70,000 square-foot decortication and milling plant is nearing completion. Executives say the plant is nearly 70% complete. Located on 9 acres (with a 6-inch cement foundation and a refrigerated section), the decortication facility is the only commercial facility of this magnitude in the United States. Hemp Inc.’s Industrial Hemp Manufacturing crew continues to conduct internal assessments of the decortication facility to ensure every aspect of the Temafa decortication line is prepped for maximum operational efficiency.

“Hemp Inc. Presents” is capturing the historic, monumental recreation of the hemp decorticator today as America begins to evolve into a cleaner, green, eco-friendly sustainable environment. What many see as the next American Industrial Revolution is actually the Industrial Hemp Revolution. Join Hemp Inc. Presents and join the hemp revolution. Watch as Hemp Inc., the #1 leader in the industrial hemp industry, engages its shareholders and the public through each step in bringing back the hemp decorticator as described in the “Freedom Leaf Magazine” article “The Return of the Hemp Decorticator” by Steve Bloom. Hemp Inc. is the avant-garde of the industrial hemp industry.Hemp Inc. Presents is accessible 24/7 anywhere, anytime on any screen by visiting www.hempincpresents.com. To subscribe to Hemp Inc.’s, Hemp Inc. Presents YouTube channel, click here.

Subscribers will automatically get an email from YouTube every time a new Hemp Inc. update video is posted along with suggestions of other similar videos. Stay up-to-date with the progress of Hemp Inc.’s decortication facility while being educated on the industrial hemp industry. As of our last video, we are getting over a thousand views per week. Stay informed by subscribing to Hemp Inc.’s video updates.

Freedom Leaf, Inc. (OTC PINK: FRLF) is also expanding its online presence. Freedom Leaf has an entire platform of content suited for every aspect of advertising and marketing to consumers from all businesses in the cannabis hemp industry. These sites incorporate many aspects of the marijuana industry and movement. Freedom Leaf current web sites include with some being under development and all operated by the company. They include: MarijuanaNews.com; LadyCannabis.com; CannabisBusinessUniversity.com;CannabisSeminars.com; CannabisDebate.com; CannaSpa.com; Vegasterdam.com; as well as, others to be announced.

The magazine is distributed nationally through chapters of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, (NORML.org), Students for a Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP.org), and WomenGrow.com as well as through participating medical and recreational dispensaries, head shops, doctors and attorneys’ offices, and others in the marijuana industry. It is also available online atwww.FreedomLeaf.com/ezine.

For more information please visit http://www.FreedomLeaf.com or call (877) 442-0411 or email info@freedomleaf.com.

Hemp, Inc. (OTC PINK: HEMPD) seeks to benefit many constituencies from a “Cultural Creative” perspective, thereby not exploiting or endangering any group. CEO of Hemp, Inc. (OTC PINK: HEMP), Bruce Perlowin, is positioning the company as a leader in the industrial hemp industry, with a social and environmental mission at its core. Thus, the publicly-traded company believes in “up streaming” of a portion of profit from the marketing of their finished hemp goods back to its originator, in which most cases will one day be the American farmer, cultivating natural, sustainable products as an interwoven piece of nature. By Hemp Inc. focusing on comprehensive investment results — that is, with respect to performance along the interrelated dimensions of people, planet, and profits — our triple bottom line approach can be an important tool to support our sustainability goal.

The Industrial Hemp and Medical Marijuana Consulting Company (IHMMCC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hemp Inc. that pulls industry information from a vast network of specialists. IHMMCC is entrenched in all the multi-faceted opportunities in the medical marijuana and Industrial Hemp industry. As the country transitions to embrace more sustainable agricultural practices, public companies want to expand into the industrial hemp industry and IHMMCC is leading the way. Hemp Inc. executives say their subsidiary continues to be inundated with potential consulting agreements from companies seeking to capitalize in this multi-billion dollar industry that is spurring ecological and economic benefits.

HEMP NATION MAGAZINE HempNationMagazine.com (HNM) is published by Hemp Inc. and focuses on informing, educating, raising awareness and connecting the public to the powerful world of HEMP. HempNationMagazine reports on Politics, Industrial Growth, Banking, Distribution, Medical, Lifestyles and Legalization. HNM is your source for all things HEMP and news about this multi-billion dollar industry.HempNationMagazine.com

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