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Hemp, Inc. Celebrates Hemp History Week Through June 7, 2015

LAS VEGAS, June 03, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hemp, Inc. (OTC:HEMP) is showing its support of the 6th Annual Hemp History Week as more and more Americans discover the many diverse benefits of the hemp plant.   This year’s theme for Hemp History Week is “Sow the Seed” and the campaign is seeking to “renew strong support for hemp farming in the U.S. while raising awareness about the benefits of hemp products.”  Thus, in honor of Hemp History Week, Hemp, Inc. is offering huge discounts off its assortment of hemp and hemp-infused products.  Visit Hemp, Inc.’s store for 60% off all of its hemp products, including: hemp twine; hemp macrame jewelry; hemp-infused candles; hemp oils; hemp moisturizers; and, hemp-infused shampoo and conditioners.

An early pioneer in the Industrial Hemp industry, Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc. (OTC:HEMP), commented, “While there is still progress to be made, the industrial hemp industry, with now 24 states legalizing industrial hemp, has come a long way.  It has literally been ‘grass-roots’ since it was banned decades ago.  The American people see an increasing need to get back to the basics.  It’s change… for the better.  Our U.S. farmers want to grow a crop that’s versatile, sustainable and, of course, profitable.  That crop is Hemp.”

According to HempHistoryWeek.org, this whole week will “celebrate America’s rich history with industrial hemp before it was outlawed and educate the public about the barriers to hemp farming in the United States; advocate for a federal policy; and, engage consumers by showcasing the range of hemp products available.”  To carry over that celebration of America’s rich history in industrial hemp use, Hemp, Inc. is currently reassembling its Temafa decortication machinery in Spring Hope, North Carolina that will be operational to process raw hemp in the near future.

After a year of negotiating, purchasing, disassembling, and moving the commercial hemp equipment to a permanent home, Hemp, Inc’s decortication line is now aggressively underway of being reassembled for operation.  “Our industrial hemp decortication line is a huge opportunity for our American farmers to transition from non-sustainable synthetic solutions to more versatile, but still profitable, hemp-based green solutions,” said Perlowin.  While the decortication line, manufactured by global leader Temafa, will initially process kenaf, Hemp, Inc. executives say once North Carolina has legalized hemp, the facility will be ready to process raw hemp.

To capture and document this process of reassembling the only commercial decortication plant of this scale in all of North America, Hemp, Inc. has installed video cameras throughout the plant to have live streaming video. Hemp, Inc.’s technical team is currently working to install the live feed on the Hemp, Inc. website.

Aside from the decortication plant, Hemp, Inc. continues to show its support for Hemp History Week’s educational campaign through its sponsorship of New Earth Events’ New Earth Expo in San Diego, CA on Sunday, June 14, 2015.  Hemp, Inc. will sponsor “The Hemp Zone” to educate consumers, inform investors and empower entrepreneurs through an interactive approach that showcases hemp and hemp-related products.  The Hemp Zone is part of Hemp, Inc.’s ongoing market penetration strategy and is a permanent feature in all of the New Earth Events.

Hemp, Inc. invites other vendors interested in exhibiting and those interested in attending to contact Executive Director, Dean Price of New Earth Events.

All attendees and vendors of the New Earth Expo will also be able to meet “Henry Hemp” and the Hempsters family.  “Henry Hemp” is a widely known hemp activist who has spent the last seven years “learning, creating, and having fun” on everything hemp. He was inspired by the grandfather of hemp (Jack Herer).  According to www.henryhemp.com, Henry Hemp is on a mission to help “free” the plant and spread the word on the benefits of hemp.

The New Earth Expo in San Diego will also show the film “Hempsters: Plant the Seed,” starring Woody Harrelson, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, and a host of farmers, politicians, businessmen, and laypeople searching for the truth on a plant outcast by society.  The film has gained popularity with activists and supporters of hemp, over the past few years.

The film documents activists during their journey as they fight to legalize hemp in the United States.  As they see it, hemp is not an alternative but a solution to a more sustainable planet. According to Hemp.org, Hempsters: Plant the Seed is “a thought-provoking and compelling documentary” that has enlightened people and encouraged them to take action.  The movie continues to be a magnet for large crowds because of its all-star cast and pertinent information.

One of the activists in the film, Julia Butterfly Hill, who became famously known as the woman who lived in the top of an ancient redwood tree for over 700 days to bring light to deforestation, said, “Why is it that what is good for our bodies, our communities and our planet, are called an alternative? We have to change our language and not allow them to call hemp an alternative, Hemp is the solution!”

Across the country, over a thousand grass roots events will engross the public in documentaries, community outreach at farmers’ markets, cooking demonstrations, retail promotions, spring plantings and courses in using hempcrete as a building material in hopes of spurring full legalization nationwide.

One of the biggest events of Hemp History week is the S.E. Region Hemp Symposium to be held in Columbia, SC on June 4, 2015. According to 420 Intel, a global source for marijuana news, “the event will inform attendees about hemp legislation, farming techniques, business practices and community involvement. Some of the speakers at the event will be representatives from Tennessee, a hemp farmer from Canada and entrepreneurs from different sections of the hemp market, according to Catherine Hearn, the event coordinator for the Symposium.  Other main events, both educational and entertaining, include: the Chenango Hemp Forum in Morrisville, NY; a Hemp Fashion Show and screening of hemp documentary Bringing It Home in Sacramento, CA; the Charlotte Hempfest in Charlotte, NC; and the Hands-on Hemp Crete & Building Materials Class in Seattle, WA.”

Celebrities and high-profile industry experts are also endorsing Hemp History Week. Such celebrities for Hemp History Week 2015, include Dr. Andrew Weil, Ashley Koff R.D., Alicia Silverstone, Ziggy Marley, Jason Mraz and author Doug Fine.  In fact, Hemp, Inc.’s CEO Bruce Perlowin has been interviewed and mentioned in articles this week.  Perlowin was interviewed on “Up Close”, an internet radio show on Voice America, a leader in internet media.  He was also quoted in the Arizona Republic article entitled, “Exotic-animal Sanctuary Planned Near Kingman.

To reserve a booth in Hemp, Inc.’s HempZone or attend New Earth Events’ 2015 New Earth Expo in San Diego, California, (Mission Valley Resort, 875 Hotel Circle South, San Diego, CA  92108) contact Dean Price at 831-239-6835 or visit www.newearthevents.com.


Hemp, Inc. (OTC:HEMP) seeks to benefit many constituencies from a “Cultural Creative” perspective thereby not exploiting or endangering any group. CEO of Hemp, Inc. (OTC:HEMP), Bruce Perlowin, is positioning the company as a leader in the industrial hemp industry, with a social and environmental mission at its core. Thus, the publicly-traded company believes in “upstreaming” of a portion of profit from the marketing of their finished hemp goods back to its originator, in which most cases will one day be the American farmer, cultivating natural, sustainable products as an interwoven piece of nature. By Hemp, Inc. focusing on comprehensive investment results—that is, with respect to performance along the interrelated dimensions of people, planet, and profits—our triple bottom line approach can be an important tool to support sustainability goals.


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