Hemp, Inc. is in the planning stages developing 500 acre Veteran-Village “Kins” Communities that will grow hemp and produce CBDs. These Communities will each grow 160 acres of hemp.

The communities (eco-villages) consist of 2 ½ acre Kins Domains. Each 2 ½ acre section is designed to be self sustainable, with 1 acre allocated to grow hemp, organic gardens, natural bee-hives, a pond, a living fence and other elements that make up a Kins Domain. To see an example of this, you can visit the website Kinsdomain.us.

Each 500-acre community will have two 50-acre hemp crops and a 100,000 square foot GMP compliant, central processing plant. In anticipation of the need for a laboratory to test all of the CBDs, Hemp, Inc. plans to use Pazoo as the testing facility. (scroll to the bottom to see the renderings of the communities and the kins domains)

Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc. has revealed that they have already started building the first 500-acre Veteran-Village Kins Communities north of Kingman, Arizona. The development will grow hemp and produce CBD. It’s important to understand that the infrastructure takes time to build and this is a long-range plan.

At this time,the company has identified at least twenty-five 500-acre parcels around the country that fit the criteria for subdividing into 2 ½ acre Kins Domains. Some of the 500 acre parcels are in states that have already legalized hemp such as Kentucky, North Carolina, and Nevada.

Hemp, Inc. started building the decortication plant in North Carolina before industrial hemp was legal in that state, and now it’s legal. The Kins Community in Arizona is being built with a similar anticipation… the legalization of industrial hemp, which is expected by November. The building of the eco-village began three years ago.

The National Hemp Association and other organizations are pushing to pass the Industrial Hemp Farming Act (at the federal level), which would make hemp legal in all 50 states hopefully this year.

Bruce Perlowin believes this to be a solution to the Veteran problem in America. It educates, gives people homes, a sense of community, and provides a means of revenue for veterans. Plus it helps heal the earth with green solutions.

Here is a rendering of the Veteran-Village Kins Communities and the 2.5 acre Kins Domains.

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Industrial Hemp Fields on 2.5 acre Veterans Kins Domains


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500 Acre parcel Veterans-Village Kins Community