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Spill-be-GONE, oil spill cleanup, kenaf absorbnt, industrial hemp products, industrial hemp manufacturing, hemp productsSpill-Be-Gone™ is an oil spill cleanup product for large industrial jobs. It’s an environmentally friendly, safe, green product, and absorbs 30x better than clay or other absorbents on the market. It is sold in bulk.

SpillSuck, oil spill absorbent, oil absorbent, oil spill product, oil spill

SpillSuck™ is packaged in 25 lb. bags for smaller applications such as auto repair garages, the decks on oil drilling platforms, manufacturing plants, etc. Having SpillSuck™ on hand for emergency spills is crucial for employee safety on the job.

drillwall, lost circulation material, l\cm

DrillWall™ is one of the top LCM (Lost Circulation Material) in the world. It is available by the ton for major drilling jobs.

Raw Kenaf – We have raw kenaf fiber for use in other finished products. We have 1,000 bales available and can accommodate from 100,000 lbs. up to 50,000,000 lbs.