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Hemp Fibers Revolutionize the Building Industry

Let’s face it… the materials we currently use for building and manufacturing won’t be around forever. Our continued demand for oil, concrete and paper will require us to find alternative [...]

Hemp Inc. (OTCMKTS:HEMP) Announcement

We understand your concern over the recent news about Bruce Perlowin and Hemp Inc. Our legal counsel, which represents Hemp Inc. and CEO, Bruce Perlowin, has instructed us not to [...]

Industrial Hemp is Retooling the Auto Industry

Leaders in the auto industry, as far back as Henry Ford, have understood the value industrial hemp has to car manufacturing, construction materials and paper products. “Why use up the [...]

Veterans-Village Kins Communities to Grow Hemp

Hemp, Inc. is in the planning stages developing 500 acre Veteran-Village “Kins” Communities that will grow hemp and produce CBDs. These Communities will each grow 160 acres of hemp. The [...]

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