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Hemp Nation Magazine, latest hemp industry news,Hemp, Inc. presents Hemp Nation Magazine – an online news hub and quarterly magazine, focusing on daily news, information, current events, national and international news, politics, industrial hemp, cannabis, lifestyles and the many reasons for legalization.

Hemp Nation Magazine aims to inform, educate and provide resources to the Hemp and Cannabis industries. This is a fast-paced, growing industry with new businesses, events and products surfacing all over the country. Hemp Nation Magazine will feature many of these new businesses and products, as well as connecting with key Politicians who recognize Hemp and Cannabis as a game changing industry.

Hemp Nation Magazine is not a political publication, however we are in a political time when it matters to ‘stand up and be heard. So Hemp Nation Magazine welcomes journalist and guest bloggers to submit stories they feel important in this progressive industry. Support Hemp Nation Magazine by subscribing to receive updated news and information… then pass it on and spread the word.

Hemp Nation Magazine is in digital format until we can print on hemp paper cost effectively .

For information, advertising or to submit a story contact Darlene – Darlene@hempnationmagazine.com

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