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Legalizing Industrial Hemp – The Good News Continues

In this month’s investor update from Hemp, Inc. our president, Bruce Perlowin, shared a status report on the growing number of states legalizing industrial hemp and medical marijuana: “While Hemp, Inc. is not involved with medical marijuana, we support the industry and legalization of medical marijuana. As more doors open for medical marijuana and recreational marijuana, […]

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Is There a Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana?

Let’s address the question of the difference between hemp and marijuana once and for all. Marijuana will get you high and give you the munchies. Hemp will not. There are all kinds of scientific reports that will give you formal descriptions of the difference between hemp and marijuana but the important thing for you to understand […]

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Investing in Green Industries? Consider Industrial Hemp

If you are interested in supporting businesses that help reduce carbon footprints, are environmentally friendly and provide alternatives to current wasteful resources; you might want to consider hemp companies. Decreasing environmental impact is a main focus for Green technology (or clean technology) investments. Here are a few strong industry sectors have emerged: water & waste […]

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