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Welcome to Hemp, Inc. Presents. Here you will find our video updates on what’s happening at the North Carolina hemp processing plant and other industrial hemp news. You can also subscribe to our channel and be notified when there’s a new video. Also, please share our videos to spread awareness about industrial hemp.

19. Hemp, Inc. – Product Sales

Hemp, Inc. enters into a new product sales agreement with CannaEnergy. Hemp Inc. distributes natural products to bring consumer awareness. Most of the products at this time are "cosmeceuticals", which are natural body and beauty products. In the future Hemp Inc.'s vision is to create our own products with material [...]

18. Hemp Decorticator Plant July 2015 – Part 2

Update on the Hemp Decorticator Plant with David Schmidt - COO of Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, LLC. and Bruce Perlowin - CEO of Hemp Inc. The hemp decorticator plant is on schedule. The original plant was set up for kenaf processing, but Hemp Inc. sees the plant ultimately as a hemp [...]

17. Hemp Inc. Decorticator Update July 2015 – Part 1

In this video you will see the progress of all the machinery being installed at the processing plant in Spring Hope, North Carolina. One of the biggest tasks is getting all the electrical lines properly hooked up to each piece of machinery to the next. About the Decorticator Plant The fiber [...]

16. Hemp Inc. Reports Hemp Decorticator Updates – June 2015

Hemp Inc. reports on the progess of its hemp decortication plant in N. Carolina. Before we process hemp, we will be using kenaf as our first crop to process. By the time we get the bugs worked out, we will be ready to process industrial hemp. There are more and [...]

15. Welcome Mr. Reiner Busch of Temafa Company – Germany

This video documents the start of the Temafa decortication line re-assembly for Hemp Inc. Much of the ground work has already been done, such as theelectrical conduit necessary to run the Temafa decortication plant. Mr. Reiner Busch of the Temaf Company in Germany has arrived to help get the re-assembly [...]

14. New LED Lights Installed at Industrial Hemp Manufacturing Plant

Hemp Inc. has installed new LED lights at Industrial Hemp Manufacturing Plant. This is another step closer to getting the industrial hemp decortication plant reassembled. The hand-picked team has been instrumental in keeping Hemp Inc. on track with the reassembly of the industrial hemp decortication plant. "The executives of Hemp, [...]

13. Hemp Decorticator Updates April 28, 2015 – Hemp Inc.

Hemp Inc. continues to keep shareholders informed about the progress with the reassembly of the hemp decortication plant in Spring Hill, N. Carolina. The process includes refurbishing the building that houses the Temafa plant. We are using recycled material for the walls from other parts of the plant and also [...]

12. Hemp, Inc’s Decorticator Plant Update March 2015

David Schmidtt, COO of Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, walks us through the building that is being remodeled to house the decorticator plant. The decorticator plant will process industrial fiber to make products from hemp and kenaf. The estimated time of completion is set for the end of this year, with the [...]

11. News flash from Hemp, Inc. January 12, 2015

Hemp Inc. purchased a 70,000 square foot warehouse to build the decortication facility in. There are only 4 other processing plants in the world of this size. Building is scheduled to commence by the end of January, 2015. The building will be reconstructed and the materials in the building will [...]

5. Hemp Decorticator Plant Relocation Update

Hemp Inc. has purchased a massive decortication plant and is moving it to a building in Spring Hope, N. Carolina. The Temafa decorticator is a line of machinery that processes kenaf and hemp stalks to remove the fiber, process it to use in other products such as textiles, car parts [...]

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